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A Personal View Of The
The Internet Subculture
Surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey Murder case

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April 3, 1999
Dave Lucas Show in Albany, New York
JonBenet Ramsey Murder And the Internet Subculture
1:00am-3:00am EST

Guest Line Up Was:
Internet poster named "Lance Matthews"
"Mrs. Brady" of Mrs.Brady's Url's
Judith Phillips, JBR's Photographer and former Ramsey friend
Frank Coffman, Photo journalist and independent reporter
Internet poster named Brenda


Frank Coffman tells the story of when he photographed
John Ramsey attacking him in Boulder, Colorado in December 1998.
Lance Matthews thanks those responsible for making
the J.T. Colfax web site possible starting with Chris from
Justice Watch to WiltonJr, Mystic Maiden, Lisa Flowers
and finally to Tara at


Frank Coffman talks about the stun gun theory, some suspects,
the money that Fleet White brought the morning of the murder
and some other stories about that morning. Judith Phillips gives
her opinion about Patsy's reaction to the ransom note and some
discussion on the White family. Both Frank and Judith
talk about the strange behavior of the Ramseys that morning.


Judith Phillips explains her friendship with the Ramseys and how
she was stunned when Susan Stein told her not to contact Patsy
again. Frank Coffman gives John Ramsey a pass but said the
only suspect left is Patsy Ramsey.


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